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In 2001, at the very start of my own entrepreneurial journey, I was just like you now...I was confused and overwhelmed about how to focus my entrepreneurial spirit across the board, maintain my initial enthusiasm, commitment and goals, and objectives. It took me 3 years just to get started and a further year to become sustainable, learn from my mistakes. Let me show you how....




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If you're after a quick does of knowledge and inspired reading, look no further that my book the "12 Startup Success Secrets". Available on Amazon.co.uk.

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With over 15 years experience in business and technology, I can guide you towards your entrepreneurial goals through coaching, mentorship or as a non-exec director.

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For help in the technical arena where I first started honing my skills, I can help you with your SEO or consult on how to turn your company paperless/officeless.

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Property Investing

For wealth creation, look no further than investing in property. For long term financial stability and security, property is the smart choice.

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Ash Zuberi

"Eddie is a highly articulate and creative person whose analytic skills helped us work together to enhance both our companies. His attention to detail and his ability to calculate "the what if's" are truly something to be part of. When it comes to working with Eddie make sure you have your notebook at hand, quality information consistently."

Director, Easy Living Property Ltd

Rob Johnson

"Eddie is an SEO god!!! He understands the intricacies of what it takes to rank for a given keyword, while avoiding practices that will ultimately land one in hot water. I can't recommend him enough."

Managing Director, Techstars

Tamar Peters

"I have known Eddie for many years both as a client and as a colleague doing some joint ventures together. He is an exceptional business man and has a real passion for helping others in everything he does. His understanding and ability to recognise exactly what your needs are are amazing. He is extremely trustworthy, hard working and loyal. I love his creativity, his ability to focus on different projects all at once at a high level is a real talent. I would highly recommend working with Eddie in all that he does."

Conscious Visionary Entrepreneur

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