Day 25 - The hairdresser and the osteopath

Day 25 - The hairdresser and the osteopath

This was going to be a slow weekend, simply because I had done my back in and was limping around like a 3 legged puppy. I've done this before and it's not at all pleasant, but I guess with age comes more health complications.

Still didn't stop me from testing, so my wife insisted that I go see someone about my back and the nearest osteopath seemed to be a good place to start, especially since I knew the guy fairly well from my previous physiotherapy on my ankle.

Being a young guy, and probably quite tech savvy even though not in the technology industry, he knew exactly what the Glass was, but still had no real idea about its real capabilities. Not surprisingly by this stage I'm finding that most people don't have the first clue about what Glass can really do.

The perception he had about the device was somewhat reserved and he felt that there isn't really a place for Glass in daily life. After I explained a bit about the technology, I came up with an idea on how it might be useful for osteopaths and he could instantly see the benefits that this would have.

I said, imagine if you could get biometric data on a patient you were seeing, and get information about the progress they were making, directly through some other wearable tech on the patient.

Have that data relayed to Glass and show a heads up on what the next action or physio exercise would be and it really could help speed up recovery.

An interesting thought he said. Hard to imagine, but possible. I think this solidifies in my mind that Glass is way more suitable for specific professional activities, rather than everyday life.

Later that day my hairdresser popped over to give my overgrown head of hair a trim and again no surprise, he didn't have a clue about what it was, or what it could do.

In this position with people who don't know what Glass is, they are quite amazed by the technology when I explain and show them what it can do. I guess it's all relative, because to me I think it doesn't do very well at all, but to a non tech consumer who isn't even aware of the device, they think it's the next stage in human evolution!
I'd rather like to think that it isn't.

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