Day 17 - GP says No

Day 17 - GP says No

I've been having some problems with my elbow lately and I know it's because of tennis elbow, a problem that occurs when a tendon is strained beyond a certain limit. It's probably a result of bad tennis backhand technique, so I decided to visit the doctors to get some help.

There's no surprise that walking around town again there are lots of stares and people wondering what was on my head.

What's more interesting is that when I got to the GP medical centre, a few waiting patients noticed, but the staff did not immediately notice, but when they did, they approached and asked me to take them off.

This of course raises the big question on most people's minds which is all around privacy.

The privacy debate with Google Glass has been raging strong and it's really clear that this is a divisive subject with both sides feeling strongly about it.

So the debate is that Glass invades people's privacy more than it should and allows people to record without being seen to record. I personally have been living with this device for over 2 weeks and I can honestly say that although there are times when I can quickly and easily record a video or take a photo, I could have done the same with my phone.

Some people might feel embarrassed to use a recording device in public to take photos and videos, however I think if the situation warranted it enough, people would do it. After all, if you were involved in a car accident, you would have no hesitation to start recording the damage and encounter with the other party.

I certainly don't think privacy is being invaded, and people can see whether the device is on or not, simply by looking for the lights shining from it. btw, it's very obvious.

Even if someone didn't want to be recorded, whether that is with a covert device or an obvious one, they can't really do anything about it in a free society. We are welcome to do what we like, within the law at least, and that raises the other questions about whether people will bring in legislation to prevent Glass being used in certain places.

Already we've heard that cinemas have started to ban the use of Glass in their movie theatres and I think that is ridiculous. The quality of the movie recorded from Glass would suck big time, not to mention the fact that Glass couldn't even record 90minutes without crapping out of life!

People are just afraid of the unknown and something they don't understand, so the first thing they do is outlaw it. Change and new ideas have always been met with the same response, from the advent of science, to new cures in medicine, through to new technology that get's invented.

The fact of the matter is that the problem always lies with the human condition, since a hammer can be both a dangerous weapon and one that can build a house. It's humans that make the choice as to how it should be used, and sometimes humans just make bad choices.

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