Day 11 - more gardening - hands free, does it work?

Day 11 - more gardening - hands free, does it work?

As a newly married couple we like to spend weekends chilling and relaxing, and these days for us that often means just doing our own thing at home. Since the weather was nice I decided to go and do a little gardening as I knew later in the afternoon it was going to rain.

Gardening is the perfect hands free test for the Glass as there are often times when I am gardening that I use my phone to look something up on technique or best practices, or I perhaps want to Google images to see examples of flowers I am growing from seed or from a plug plant.

So with both hands donning the gloves I left the device on my head to see whether it would be good here as an extended test. First off, I would say that once again, the head tilt detection doesn't quite work too well since when gardening you are working both high and low and have often to look up or down at plants and trees and this cause the Glass a lot of headache trying to keep up.

Also since my hands were dirty, there was no way I was touching the side touch panel to activate the Glass directly, so I must have looked like a bobbing chicken in the garden as I tried to activate and deactivate the Glass system with my head tilt!

Beyond this frustration,

I was also relying on personal hotspot tethering once again each time I got out of wifi range, which was about 2m away from the house. The really annoying this here is that because of the nature of working both close to the house inside the wifi range and of course out of range was that this constant back and forth would ultimately burn out the Glass battery.

Each time I walked out of range, the phone also had to be out of range and then the hotspot would turn on, but the connectivity of the Glass to the phone is mediocre at best and so there was always either a delay, or no connection at all. Once I did get tethered, the moment I walked back into wifi range, both my phone and Glass would lose the connection and try to connect to wifi. The phone of course is fine with this, but the Glass doesn't seem to have the most efficient or powerful wifi receiver. I suspect to keep costs down.

So after about 2 hours of this, and managing to take a few more videos and photos, and perhaps successfully Googling once to get info on a plant species, the Glass died a hot death on the side of my head.

I wonder if anyone's been burned yet from the heat of the Glass when it goes into its tizzy. BTW I've also managed to crash the Glass OS many times now.

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