Day 21 - only 10 contacts, what's the point?

Day 21 - only 10 contacts, what's the point?

One of the most annoying aspects of Google Glass is the way they have integrated their contacts system. This is the address and contact details for which you can tell Glass to call, email or SMS. The idea is great, who wouldn't want to be able to do those things hands free, but there are 2 big fails in this department.

That's right, not one but two. The first is that you are restricted to 10 contacts under the contact list, so that you have to choose who you can contact via Glass. Of course this immediately renders the majority of your own address book mute.

The second big fail is that in order to use your 10 contacts, you have to add them to your own very special Glass my contacts section on the website. Yes, you heard me correctly, you have to take your existing contact info and put it into their system and fill in all the details.

Forget importing VCS files, forget pull data from your phone, Outlook exchange, Facebook friends etc, there are no options other than to manually fill in the contacts forms 10 times for your 10 contacts.

Am I being too bitchy or demanding wanting access to my normal address book on my phone? I think not. If this is to work as a Bluetooth headset it needs to be able to talk to my address book and get information from it.

When you do get it all up and running, you'll have the same issue with voice recognition in moderately noisy places, and also inadvertently calling the wrong people. Even with only 10 names on my Glass contact list it managed to detect the wrong name when I asked Glass to call one of them. None of the 10 names even sound remotely similar.

You be the judge. Thoughts on this aspect?

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