Day 14 - Outdoor tennis on a busy day at the club

Day 14 - Outdoor tennis on a busy day at the club

So today was yet another tennis day for me, but seeing that the weather was good we decided to play outside. What's interesting today was that since Wimbledon tennis championships were over, all of a sudden the club was much busier.

It meant that as I walked through this time, especially past the outside café area, there were a lot of people who were staring at me and wondering what was on my face!

Again it does make me feel kind of self conscious and I think that feeling won't go away unless people accept it as the norm.

Once again, testing resumed whilst I was playing, but eventually I decided to take them off since they were fairly uncomfortable, and practically useless as it got in the way of my vision.

Perhaps the first time I tried them I left them on the whole session for testing, but this time round  decided that it really wasn't useful at all.

I'm getting more disappointed by the day. I was talking to a lady at the club about them when she asked and what I noticed was that the general perception of what the capabilities of the Glass vary from person to person, depending on what media they had been exposed to.

Some think it's purely just a recording device, whereas others think it's a replacement for the phone completely. What did you think it could do before you knew?

Also note how the photo is still angled, I can't help it, every video and photo I'm taking with the Glass is angled.

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