Day 29 - boxed and ready

Day 29 - boxed and ready

Tomorrow will be the day I conclude this 30 day Glass project, but even more ahead of time is the fact that I decided to box up the Glass already and get it ready to be shipped back to Google. What's interesting is that I didn't even consider returning the Glass until Google themselves wrote me an email (which I'm sure was written to all Glass owners) reminding them that they had 30 days to return the Glass if they weren't satisfied with it.

What's deeply troubling is that they even considered this option and instead of leaving the Glass with their Explorers, they reminded us to post it back, no questions asked. I feel like this might be a way to mitigate further negative reviews, after all if I did want to return it anyways I'm sure a few words on Twitter would motivate Google to take it back regardless.

There are many questions that Google needs to ask its Glass team and I'm sure top of the list will be what problem they are trying to solve. The so called identification of a major problem that Glass is supposed to solve falls well short of anything that is moderately comprehensible.

The trouble is, they attempted to solve a real world humanistic societal problem, and they approached it with their technical engineer minds. Perhaps Apple would have done a better job of it, but then again this is a problem that I think technology can't fix.

Anyways, keeping this short, tomorrow is the finale. Lookout for what is likely to be the best worst review conclusion of Glass this side of the glass!

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