Timing is everything

Timing is everything

I've always been told that I was lucky when it comes to affiliate marketing because I encountered it at the right time just as it was new and taking off. If I had come across it even 3 years later I might have had a harder time making a living from it.

I might believe that if I actually believed in luck, but since I don't I like to think of it as having the right mental attitude for success.

You see, I came across that industry through researching news online, and I'm sure that I wasn't to only person to have read that article on Yahoo news about the rise of this new marketing method back in 2000.

Out of the thousands of people who read this article, I imagine that only a handful, myself included, that saw it as an opportunity. Perhaps even from the group of people who saw the opportunity, only a handful of them actually took action to do something about it.

So from that persepectve, it wasn't luck.

I knew the time was right to get into the industry and I knew that it had a future. Timing was everything and I had to get a move on it order to make the most of the opportunity. It was such a fast moving technology at the time that to do things slower would mean opening yourself up to more and more incoming competition.

Fast forward to today and I'm faced with a slightly different dilemma, but it is still about timings. My project Mindlogr is currently growing at a steady rate, but it isn't being rocket fuelled right now.

I know it needs to get a boost of investment to take it to the next level, however my question revolves around the right time to do this. Having learnt the lessons in the past about timing things right, I know that I can't just jump into the water without a game plan.

With technology start investments, there are trends in the market place and it's good to be on trend if you want to get investment. For example, right now there has been a hot trend for the last 2 years in wearable technology that connects to the internet.

Nearly all new ideas around this new industry are getting large amounts of funding, with some even giving away no equity in their business.

For Mindlogr, this isn't the right time and I need to bite my tongue and enthusiasm because if I went about pursuing investment now, I'd only get let down because I don't fit into what's happening in the market.

Furthermore, the reliance of the platform on internet connectivity upstream speeds means that for the time being whilst upload speeds do not match download speeds, the user experience isn't as smooth as it could be.

The article title is about timing and my post is just a short one to illustrate that no matter what industry you work in, you have to figure out what's going on and how you can plan around trends.

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