Day 26 - Growing anger for Glass

Day 26 - Growing anger for Glass

It's extremely interesting the reaction the technology press has to Glass and surprisingly even early adopters of the beta product, have now backtracked on their positive reviews to essentially put Glass back into its box.

The problem Google has with this product is that they tried to create a pre-qualifying criteria with the way they marketed the Explorer program and the price point with which they decided to sell the first versions. Their good intentions were to get the Glass into the hands of the correct people, that being software developers who could make apps for the Glass, known as Glassware. More on that tomorrow.

The trouble is, with the price point at £1000, and $1500 in the US, a self selecting group of tech journalists and top end software developers got hold of them, in the hopes that there would be a return on investment, but perhaps they were wrong.

The journalists ripped it apart, after a prolonged honeymoon period of extreme geekiness. Despite their inner child wanting to believe that Glass was indeed the start of a cybernetic future, they soon discovered that it was just a little more than a pair of spectacles without glass and a strange block on the right.

There is a growing anger amongst many writers and indeed much of the public for many different reasons. The public's hate is spurred on primarily by the whole privacy debate, but the writers are even more scathing, myself included, simply because we had such high hopes for the device and it really doesn't live up to …… well anything really.

So the marketing and launch campaign backfired on Google, putting them in an even harder position to keep marketing Glass with, and they've even written a whole top 10 myths debunked article to try to dispel the rumours or bad perceptions the public has.

I don't think it helped, people are still angry, and I think they have a right to be. I think that Google is insulting is, it's like a middle finger to society, especially so as they have in my mind completely ignored the real problems in society and invented a problem all by themselves.

People don't have a problem looking at their phones and not engaging with the world, they've made that choice already for a variety of reasons, but mainly because society is failing them, so they need the time to switch off.

Fundamentally, what they hoped would be a positive and glowing acceptance of this new device, has ultimately turned out to be the most critical and angry reviews of any products I've seen launched in my lifetime.

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