Day 18 - property investing mission to Reading

Day 18 - property investing mission to Reading

I've been reading a lot around the Crossrail lately and what's interested me the most has been the announcement this year that it will be extended to Reading and Twyford. This is of course a big opportunity as anyone in property investing knows that a new train station is always good for an area.

We decided to pop down to Reading to take a look around and see how the area is doing. This was something taught to me a while back by a professional property investor, who showed me the importance of building connections with local estate agents and getting on the ground info about a place.

So, what a great opportunity also to play with Glass and see what's going on. It was noticeable almost immediately once we arrived in Reading that people were looking at the Glass on my face. In fact this time around, even though I had the sunglasses on, it was as if they weren't even there and people everywhere noticed the Glass.

It was even more so as it was a busy Saturday afternoon so people were out shopping, so many people stared and looked it was very uncomfortable, but still it didn't matter as this was all part of the test.

The property prices and mathematics behind investing in Reading works out really well. The price increase that has been experience in London, hasn't quite hit its peak in the surrounding towns just yet, but with the news of Crossrail ending at Reading, this was undoubtedly going to change in the next 5 years.

We walked around a lot, saw lots of roads and areas and even popped into a few estate agents to chat about investing in the area and what their experiences and advice would be. Not a single agent asked about the Glass, but one saw it and I could see that they changed their attitude quite promptly from an uncaring perspective, to a very keen and interested one. The reason was that anyone with a smart head knows the cost of Glass on its initial UK outing and therefore you can put two and two together to realise someone who is a serious investor (ie wealthy).

Because we were really exploring the area, I took a lot of photos and videos and as you might have guessed, the Glass ran out of battery very quickly. Test over, we resumed our expedition.

Besides the reaction of the public towards the Glass, I still didn't really find it very useful at all, apart from taking photos and video, I didn't use it for anything else. I just can't see how it's ever going to be useful for your everyday consumer. I can think of many specialist business or professional applications, but not for everyday use.

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