Goal setting is great, but taking action is far more important

Goal setting is great, but taking action is far more important

The beginning of the year always heralds a feeling of newness and fresh starts, none more so than in our major areas of life as illustrated by the hordes of resolutions set by people who dare to challenge themselves to get fitter, healthier and probably lose weight. They go about their life goal setting for the future, only to potentially fail because they haven't been realistic.

In just about every aspect of our lives, we feel that we have a chance to make a change and do something different, and it all starts with the thoughts in our head. Of course, we need the imagination to be able to believe that we can achieve something outside our comfort zones, however, although everything does start with a thought, the next stage is often the hardest part of the equation to success.

This is the part about actually taking action towards these goals or resolutions you might set yourself. It would seem that taking action is fraught with so many dangers that often it is the end of the story for many a new year’s resolutions.

I think that the fear around taking action revolves around the fear of failure. You see, the moment you take action towards any goal, you are already setting yourself up for potential failure, however if you don’t even start to take action, something in the mind feels it’s ok to stop and not start.

When you start towards a goal, it’s evident that anything less than achieving the goal might constitute failure, and I think this is the very truth that prevents a lot of people from really giving things a go.

I would even go so far as to say taking action is an art form. There are many people who are great at starting things and never finishing them. Even these people are several steps ahead of those who don’t even get off the starting block.

It all comes down to fear of failure.

Are you afraid to fail so much that you don’t even start? Life isn’t meant to be easy, otherwise it wouldn’t be worthwhile. One of the key’s to taking that all important first step is to remember that no matter what happens, each step forward is a step closer to the goal.

You might taking a wrong step, but much like a maze, if you go down the wrong path, you can always backtrack to the last point of decision and go another route.

Life is exactly the same. Keeping this in mind will serve you well and help you get further and faster in life. Of course the most limiting aspect of all this is TIME. The resource which we all have a limited supply of, no matter who you are.

Time is the great equaliser for us all. That’s why it’s even more important to take the action now and learn to fail before being paralysed solid.

This post is all about taking action, no matter what the circumstances are, taking some action is always better than taking no action.

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