Day 22 - Am I an ambassador?

Day 22 - Am I an ambassador?

I'm curious about Google's intentions when it comes to their Explorer program and pricing strategy. I understand that putting the price high will determine their desired audience and buyer profile, however I wonder if that has actually backfired on them?

If you ask me, besides the nutter super wealth people who might buy Glass because there are just plain stupid, the only other buyers are people like me in technology who are reviewing the product for opportunities and development purposes. Our cost of purchase is outweighed by the potential long term gain from any opportunity witnessed.

The other type of buyer will be technology writers, bloggers, journalists and everyone else who fits into this category. They are of course reporting on this new technology and it's implications and benefits for potential customers.

I'm sure you've heard of the phrase, any PR is good PR, even bad PR, but I'm really not so sure that this is going to pay off for Glass. Let's put it like this, I'm not the only person to have very critical views on the Glass product, and I won't be the last to slate its shortcomings.

I'm mentioned out and about I get stopped and people ask me about it, with wisps of hope in the voice, but every single time I feel gutted to have to inform them that it's nothing like they imagine it to be.

So, by me walking around with them, does it necessarily make me a marketing tool for them, or perhaps a vehicle for discussion? I'm not really too sure. All I know is that my views alone have dissuaded quite a few people from wanting one, or believing the hype.

I can't say that I'm an ambassador for Glass, more like a proponent to it's flaws.

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