Helping people find their passion to live a fulfilled life of personal and financial freedom.

Helping people find their passion to live a fulfilled life of personal and financial freedom.

I once heard the expression, "playing the best hand with the cards you were dealt", meaning to say that one is restricted by purely what one is given to begin with, but I don't believe in that. Sure, as human beings we were all dealt a hand that included things such as fear, anger and anxiety, but we were also dealt with the attributes of hope, imagination, love and compassion.

Why then do so many people choose to live out of fear, rather than forge a life for themselves which includes their own dreams, personal and financial freedom, and most importantly happiness by design?

I guess in my world, I choose to believe that although we were dealt with these attributes, many of us were never taught how to use them effectively to produce positive results for ourselves. We were all lead on a treadmill, designed for us by society, enforced by culture and policed by parents.

I include myself in this category, until I had experiences and lessons which changed my life once and opened my eyes to the possibilities which one can achieve. Then I sought to enhance what I had learnt with further study and education into all the positive traits, behaviours and strategies which the most successful people on the planet do naturally.

You see, some few people who you may know as superstar entrepreneurs, celebrities, visionaries or geniuses, have all been brought up in the perfect melting pot which encouraged the development of all those attributes to enable them to achieve incredible success.

The good news is that although the rest of us might have a late start, I myself only started entrepreneurship at 27, all of it can be learnt and applied to our own lives to achieve some degree of change and success in our own lives. Perhaps even one day attaining superstar status, but let's concentrate on baby steps for now.

Since 2001 when I first stepped foot into the entrepreneurial coliseum, I managed to scrape by learning some hard lessons, perhaps getting a few cuts and bruises, but I'm still standing today, and I like to think that this is because I've learnt some of those lessons, added them to my own entrepreneurial and mindset defences and incorporated them into my life to achieve some success.

I'm certainly not claiming to be anywhere near a superstar business man, but I can say that I've attained my own personal and financial freedom, of which most people who know me are envious of.

I've found myself asking a lot of questions over the last 5 years. Wondering what I'd like to do in the next 10 years and one theme keeps coming back again and again, and that is helping other people achieve their own definition of personal and financial freedom.

I always think that if I can do it, so can everyone else. I was never the brightest spark at school, having attained mediocre grades through college and achieving only a second rate degree at a second rate university. What I learnt more than anything else was that education was only one part of the puzzle, the rest was always implementation, and it was always the doing that counted.

I'm writing this post to really make it clear that I want to help you get what you want the most. Whether that is personal freedom above finance, or financial wealth, whatever results you are looking for I know I can help you.

I've survived 13 years in business, ridden through ups and downs in the rollercoaster technology world and built up a £2m property portfolio which has also taught me that when it comes to investing, nothing beats property.

Passion is a powerful friend, it's time you made it your best friend.

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