Day 23 - I am superman

Day 23 - I am superman

Over the last few weeks of testing this device on and off the streets, I've had many a comment that has surprised me because of how ridiculous it sounds, but none of them would prepare me for what I was about to chat about literally just down the road in my local newsagent.

The world is full of amazingly diverse people, and in a city like London there is an even greater mix of cultures, ethnicities and traditions that mingle in everyday life. These behaviours and beliefs permeate everything people do because everyone has to interact in order for this giant city to work and function properly.

The way a Chinese person behaves in the workforce is very different to a Polish worker. Just the same as the way French people greet is very different from an Indian. All these things shape our lives even if we don't think they do, simply because we have adapted to living in a modern multicultural society.

Still though, even in this modern society, people become marginalised and stick together in their cultural groups. You know what they say, there is power in the masses.

Anyways, the point I'm getting to is that the local newsagent is run by a friendly Indian family and I'm often in there buy bits and pieces. Today I went in there wearing the Glasses and literally within seconds, all 3 of the family behind the counter were quizzing me about it.

Firstly they weren't sure what it was, whether it was some spying device and that I was working for some government agency. Then their fear turned to curiosity where they were in disbelief about the claims on what Glass could do.

Here I was, thinking that this Glass is practically useless and these people were bedazzled that you could project the "Internet" into my eyes. They might have thought I was from the future. Perhaps their exposure to the tech media was miniscule, but it didn't account for what they said next.

People believe all sorts of things, and this one is a lesson for anyone who is in the movie business. You might think you are making a work of fiction, but there are many people in the world who blur the lines between fiction and reality, simply because they don't have a clue, so why not believe that a movie I real.

Why am I saying this? Simply because in all genuine honesty, the guy thought that Glass was also a pair of X-ray glasses. Meaning I could see through people's clothes! It made him quite agitated. I assured him that this wasn't the case and I asked where he would come up with such an idea, and he said, it's in the movies, so it must be real.

That's right folks. Note to movie makers, you do have a responsibility even making something fiction, there are people who can't tell otherwise.

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