Day 16 - let's try without sunglasses again - human curiosity

Day 16 - let's try without sunglasses again - human curiosity

Since I had to go back to pickup my car I decided to journey out without the sunglasses just to see once again the public reaction to them.

As expected, I get noticed with them 10x more than I do when the sunglasses are attached. The range of how people notice it varies from glances to double takes, to blatant staring. Interestingly I also made a few more observations about people's behaviour around me when I'm wearing them.

I think because people believe that it is a primarily a recording device and the news has all been around the privacy aspect, people are afraid to come near me for fear of being recorded. In fact it's kind of like having a force field, it's funny.

Whilst waiting at the station there were 4 benches each with 4 seats and since the trains were delayed a lot there were quite a few people on the platforms. All the benches had at least 3 people sat on them waiting, apart from the one I was sat on, which no one would dare to sit at.

Even more interesting is whilst sat on the train where I occupied a section with 4 seats, 2 pairs facing each other, people opted not to sit opposite me and a couple even nearly sat down there until the lady saw the Glass and told her partner to go elsewhere.

It's actually quite disconcerting how people are lead to believe things about something they have no idea about, and the media has a lot of responsibility to report the truth, which isn't always the case. It would seem that the media is focusing on the privacy discussion around Glass, and to be honest I can't see that there is a problem.

If I wanted to video or record someone on purpose for whatever reason, if the reason was good enough I wouldn't care less about pointing my phone camera at the scene. I wouldn't in that situation need a covert way to record it.

Getting to my end station I was approached by a young man who just wanted to know all about the Glass. He was furiously curious about it all and again I could see that the gleam in his eyes were wanting super positive answers from me. Possibly a geek which might have been why he was so keen to chat, he look very disappointed with my analysis and observations with Glass.

Again, perception has been blown way out of the ballpark on this product. On getting to the car dealership to pickup my car, once again people this time were even more curious and the ladies at the reception desk just need to have a chat about the Glass. Their curiosity got the better of them and they just needed to know!

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