Day 28 - extreme reactions to Glass - face your fears

Day 28 - extreme reactions to Glass - face your fears

I consider myself lucky that I haven't had any extreme reactions to me wearing Glass yet, but I'd heard and read many stories online where the wearers have had some serious repercussions simply from wearing the Glass.

Besides being asked to take them off in the local GP medical practice, I've had some moderately angry stares and some avoidance from people, but none that reached boiling point as is the case with other less fortunate people.

Around the world, Glass Explorers have had their Glass stolen right from their face, been punched, asked to leave, asked to remove, confronted by other patrons and everything in between. There's even been people who snatch it from a person's face and smashing it on the ground.

That's called destruction of private property.

So what's fuelling these extreme reactions is simply fear. Fear that they are being recorded, fear that someone else has a cybernetic advantage over them. Fear that their privacy is being invaded without permission, and probably the greatest fear of them all, fear of the unknown.

Fear is a powerful force, many a time have I equated my own personal success back to 2001 when I had the fear put in me. Back then I was having some time off from working, having discovered that I was no longer passionate about my chosen career.

Being at a fork in life I bummed around for a while and eventually got into lots of debt, and it was this fear of financial failure that got me back into the game. I started my own business but needed to also make money to pay the bills, so I began work again in my old career path because that was all I could do. My fear of financial failure became a fear of being stuck work for "Da Boss" all my life, so that's when I got motivated enough to ensure my entrepreneurial success.

I always tell people that comfort is a startup killer. People who are too comfortable in their jobs will never leave it, and people who are too comfortable in their startups will never grow them. You always need to be on the edge living across from comfort.

Don't let fear ruin your life, use it, mould it into your own shape, live with it and you'll grow stronger than everyone else around you.

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