Day 10 -more tennis and further thoughts on the comfort factor

Day 10 -more tennis and further thoughts on the comfort factor

So again today I was going to play tennis and it gave me a chance to test it playing sports once again. I thought it would be interesting this time to more actively record videos and take photos whilst training.

The same sort of reactions from people were experienced, and in particular one fellow member who was coaching with us was very curious about the device. She wanted to know if I could be doing deals whilst playing! I said that was the theory, but the practice of it might be problematic.

I had a full charge when I left home, I had 9% battery when I left the sports club. I thought I wasn't even pushing it, so on review I actually only took 6 x 10 second videos and 2 photos. That is nothing and very disappointed with the battery usage.

It may be down to the fact that I have head angle turn on activated, so if my head goes up beyond 20 degrees angle, the screen will activate ready for my commands. Since in tennis one's head is moving constantly up and down, especially during service, I think this probably wore out the battery. It just couldn't cope with all that movement.

It's starting to look like a lame duck. I'm even getting tired of wearing it because I'm not used to wearing glasses, so the nose pads pushing into my nose bridge are just uncomfortable and I don't think I could ever get used to wearing them.

I know you are probably thinking that sunglasses are the same deal, but with normal sunglasses you tend to pick and choose one that fits, you can fold them away and tuck them into shirts or bags when you don't need them, and of course it's unlikely you are constantly wearing them.

The one size fits all Glass needs some work if Google expect people to wear this for long periods of time. Also I don't think the battery would last anyways.

It's too bad, I feel like this is a wannabe product with not enough thought into the whole problem area it's trying to address. When I thought about the differences between Google and Apple and how Apple are constantly coming up with great design and features I think it goes back to the core people of each of those companies which dictates where the focus is.

Google is a tech company founded by technologists with the focus on pure technology. Their strength is not in understand people and how they interact with technology. That is Apple's strength. Apple are always putting the user experience and users needs up front before designing around that ideal. I think that if Apple were to make a wearable device for the face, it would be a different story.

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