A little bit more information about the World Without Offices mission

A little bit more information about the World Without Offices mission

It was back in February 2011 when I was writing my first book, "Speedlights & Elephants", that I discovered this higher mission, something that I've been building all along, but realised that if rolled out on a large scale, would impact the planet in ways which cannot even imagine right now.

At the time I was inspired by most notably 2 individuals, Jeremy Gilley and Jamie Oliver.

In 1998, Gilley began to make the Peace One Day (www.peaceoneday.org) documentary, eventually deciding to aim for a UN resolution formalising the idea. This objective was reached in 2001 when a new resolution, put forward by the UK and Costa Rican Governments, was unanimously adopted to establish the first ever day of global ceasefire and non-violence fixed in the calendar as 21st September annually. His idea is simple, start with one day, and from there we have a starting point to perhaps create a week of peace and then maybe even more in the future.

Jamie Oliver is a different story, his mission is to save the world from deaths due to obesity by teaching children how to cook and eat well. This is a simple mission, aimed at a specific target group. However, if this idea spread across the world, it would radicalise society's view of feeding children.

the lesson is focus

In both stories, they show how creating a single point of focus and targeting a specific area, you can find something that if you scaled it up massively, would impact the world.

In my own way, whilst I was writing the book, I wanted the book to mean more. I say this because the book is about creating highly valuable online businesses and it talks about the mindset and strategies which you need to employ in order to create fantastic real value online companies.

However, I wanted this to be more than just a book about business, and when I realised what I had already begun to create a company that didn't require an office to operate, my thoughts began to jump to the idea of office space and I soon realised how inefficient buildings are in relation to work usage.

I realised that office space was empty more than it was ever full. Think about it, on average a person works a 7 hour day. There are 24 hours in a day and during all 24 hours, the buildings take energy to run. Admittedly at night it takes up a lot less energy, however there is still a lot of wastage.

My mind began to visualize what a world would look like if office space was better used. Perhaps as residential space, or even green spaces which either generate energy or food.

I realised that there must be a solution, and that's the solution I'm hoping to put forwards throughout this blog and to share with the world. The solution is to build a world without offices, where people are more productive, happier in their work and personal lives.

A world where social and environmental change is at the forefront of business innovation. A world which we can honestly say, we are proud of passing onto our future generations.

How is this achieved?

It is achieved through innovation in the business virtualisation industry. It is my mission to bring remote working into the forefront of business modelling. To show the world how you can create a company with hundreds of employees and you still don't need an office. To show the world how you can create localise teams, foreign teams, dispersed working models and remote access to cloud support services that will enable any organisation to work from anywhere on the planet.

We are in an age now where we can communicate with anyone on the planet face to face, at anytime, with any mobile device, without disruption.

This is a profound statement.

We are moving into an age where the home place is no longer just for living, but it will evolve into one organic space where we live, entertain, work, feed and grow inside.

We are already in an age where many millions of people are working without offices, and the next stage is to show the corporate companies how to do it.

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