Embrace the geek within

Embrace the geek within

If you want to succeed on whatever you are doing, you need to be geeky!

I don't mean you need to be a technical wizard, no, in fact being a tech wizard isn't even part of the geek equation. What I mean by geeky is basically the definition of it as "a person heavily interested in a topic", and that could be anything from shoes to entrepreneurship.

So what does it mean?

A geek is someone who is perceived to know everything about a given topic. Typically slang use for computer geeks imply their inherent expertise and avid interest in computing, however I've met many a geek in other worlds.

I once met a woman who not only had 300+ pairs of shoes, she knew everything you could know about a high heeled shoe, from the production to the materials. Talking to her was like talking to a walking encyclopaedia of shoe history. You can't tell me she wasn't geeky!

Truth of the matter is, someone else out there in the world is looking just for this level of detailed information and if she knew her value, some of the top shoe companies in the world would be biting her arm off to employ her.

Being geeky is being highly intelligent and knowledgeable in your subject matter, and the more knowledge you have, the greater value you can offer to other people.

In Malcolm Gladwell's book The Outliers, he identifies as one of his 3 most important people to have in a company is someone he calls a "Maven". This is someone who accumulates knowledge and who has information on a lot of different products or prices or places. That sounds a lot like a geek to me!

So today's lesson is find that inner geek and bring it out to play. The more you can know about your specialism, to the point of geekiness, the more you will succeed.

Tell me below what you're geeky in!

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