One tenth of the year has just officially passed

One tenth of the year has just officially passed

So what have you done with the time? Have you managed to make some plans and stick to them? Are your plans so big you don't know where to start?

It's quite strange how it still feels like the beginning of the year, however the reality is that we've already had a tenth of it.

Lately I've been really concentrating on doing the things that really matter. You know, those things which when you do them will make all the difference, but also those ones where you find the most distractions to take you away from them.

Over the weekend just passed, I've had the privilege to spend some time with Mike Harris, the guy who founded Egg bank, First Direct and Mercury Communications (now known as T-mobile). He created not just one but three multi-billion pound companies. Now that's some serious know how.

He was running the first day of this KPI program I'm doing. It was all about writing the perfect pitch. From a 10 second emergency pitch, to a 5 minute introduction, however the most part was spent perfecting the 90 second pitch.

It was certainly useful to hear the specificity and clarity from which he was constantly reminding us of. In a world where people are operating at such high speeds, it's really important to be able to succinctly tell a stranger what you do and to tell them without ambiguity, without weirding them out, without confusing them and just to communicate it with precision and clarity.

The next day was spent with Mindy aka The Bookmidwife. She taught us the structure of how we will be writing our first book as part of the program. I'm totally excited by this because the structure really was clear and simple, and it's gonna draw out all the info I need in this first book.

Ultimately, it's all about creating influence and keeping a single congruent message across everything you do, such that when people talk about you, they all say the same thing. That's the key to personal branding.

On Sunday me and my girlfriend went to watch this short video made by Jeremy Gilley about the Peace One Day movement of which he is the spearhead of. This is truly one amazing man, he has almost singlehandedly created a global day of peace, now officially recognised by the United Nations as the official Global Peace Day. Next thing to achieve is to get every country to ceasefire on September 21 2012. I'm confident he's going to make this happen, I've never met anyone so driven by an idea.

Anyways, it's time to reflect on the past mont and really step up a gear as spring approaches us here and we lock and load to get into sixth gear and really push those boundaries to the next level.

What are you doing to push your dreams to the next level? Share with me some of your best ways to keep motivated and to keep yourself on track.

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