Another New Year, more choices than ever

Another New Year, more choices than ever

Do you find yourself wondering from time to time what's in store for you? Or do you spend more time creating your store and making your life happen the way you dictate it to?

The beginning of the year is often-times a great time in the year because it causes us to reflect upon the previous year's results and also think ahead. Whether you want to or not, I think inevitably everyone will ponder ahead, however only some will plan for it and most will let the future happen to them as such.

Which is these 2 groups of people do you sit it?

I think this is a time of year which is extremely powerful and constructive. Looking back at my year, I noticed that taking down my plans for one of our company's project, we actually achieved about 85% of the plan, even though after about February we didn't refer back to it.

I think it was simply that getting clear on what we needed to do, allowed us to program our unconscious minds to behave accordingly and it gave that part of the mind a blueprint for the 12 months ahead.

In much the same way, I've been doing a lot of mind map plans in the past couple of weeks. This is one of the most powerful planning tools around and I urge you to give it a go for things like planning ahead, decision making, formulating teaching strategies, for any sort of flow or brainstorming.

As a side note, if you have an iPAD, go get an application called iThoughtsHD which is a complete mind mapping tool and it's totally awesome!

Anyway, go plan is the message here.

p.s. apologies for not writing sooner. It's been hectic!

So what are your plans and objectives for the year? What would you like to achieve? When doing this part, make them big because you should always plan for ultimate success.

I look at all the projects and ventures I've been involved in and I have to say also that as a small start-up business, one of our key strengths is our ability to change and adapt at high speed. We can completely change our sales processes in a matter of hours and days if required, compared to medium to large companies who would need to do tests after tests before implementing procedural changes.

Use this to the maximum of your ability. Change and adapt the moment you spot a new opportunity that you think would work, or is an overall better proposition.

I review what my company was doing 12 months ago and it is completely different to the setup we have now. In the space of the last 12 months, I've completely restructured the company on how it works and what our focus and attention is.

We are selling over 10 new products and services that did not even exist. We are also involved in fantastic initiatives like the Peace One Day movement aimed at creating a global day of peace on September 21st. Please check out

I'll promise to write more this year! In a world of ever increasing choices, it becomes more important than ever to define what it is you want from your life and your year!

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