Day 5 - A quiet sunday gardening and chilling

Day 5 - A quiet sunday gardening and chilling

Today was a quiet day and usually I'd try to keep my head out of the computer and spend the time doing some gardening, cooking up a storm or chilling in front of the TV. Perhaps some household chores would also creep into this mix somehow!

With that in mind I was reluctant to try wearing the Glass as it's whole aim was to keep me connected, but since my realisation that it actually has trouble keeping connected anyways, I figured what the hell. Plus of course I promise to report on this 30 days, so I guess for the sake of human evolution, I continued.

What I discovered really was that the Glass is pretty much useless at home. It's not that it doesn't perform its functions, in fact the home is probably the place where the Glass performs the best because you can connect it to your wifi, but really it has no place at home being that at any point if I wanted to be connected I could use any rang of devices from the laptop, tablet, mobile phone or desktop computer.

Why on earth would I want the Glass? It's meant as a hands free product, so I headed to the garden to tidy some plants up and also re-pot a few growing vegetables, so this was a good chance to see how the hands free might be useful for gardening.

Honestly, it's pointless. So I could post a few tweets, take a few pictures and video, and maybe see a few notifications, but really I didn't need to do any of that. Again when I was working at the end of the garden I left our wifi range of the house and came to the connectivity issues again.

You can't expect me to have my phone on me all the time. I'm just not one of those people who are eternally attached to their phones.

As each day goes by and I test out the Glass in an average daily life day, it gets clearer and clearer that it's really got to work hard to show that it is of any use at all.

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