Day 6 - What happened at the Garden Centre?

Day 6 - What happened at the Garden Centre?

Relatively quiet day today so only had a few chances to test out the Glass. These days I spend mostly working on the Mindlogr project, and because it is in prototype phase right now, with the emphasis being on feature development, it means I don't get out much!

Anyways, today I popped down to our local garden centre to get a few bits and bobs for the garden. I've taken up gardening quite a lot in the last few years, I find that it's relaxing and takes my mind off technology.

Anyways, being that I went in the middle of the day on a Monday, the typical clientele at the garden centre were mostly senior citizens, and as you might expect, no one had a clue what I was wearing. In fact I doubt that anyone even noticed.

Perhaps the young guy at the payment till noticed, but was too embarrassed to ask about it. I've since noticed that wearing it quite a lot, the photos and videos are all lop sided.

This is because the disproportionate weight distribution  will always pull the Glass to one side and one angle. This needs to be addressed as I think if consumers bought this they would be expecting straight photos if their head was straight!

Later on this day, Maria our house cleaner turned up to do her regular Monday work and did notice it. She commented on it and asked if I was recording her, she had seen the device on the TV and as far as she knew, it was only a video and photography device.

What's interesting is that different people have different ideas about what the Glass product really is, and I think this is largely from where they have learnt it. If the TV media is interested only in the photo and privacy angle, then the other features and potential of the Glass are dismissed.

Once again it shows the power and influence the media has on people and the way they perceive something

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