What can we learn from online con men?

What can we learn from online con men?

In any line of business, no matter if you are online of offline, there is no substitute whatsoever for putting in some hard work and doing the 10,000 hours which Gladwell talks about in his book Outliers.

When I hear of all these so called "internet marketing" systems and programs which teaches people to become gazillionaires overnight, my spine positively chills as I think of all those poor souls who get sucked into the hype and don't get that it's just a get rich quick scheme. (twitter hashtag #GRQ if you ever come across one)

What's worse than delivering no value in their products is that they are in fact delivering negative value. This is because the information you learn from them, which you believe is supposed to work, will ultimately have to be UNLEARNED because they are generally the wrong way to implement a solid value driven internet marketing system.

Where is their credibility? If their system is so good, have you ever heard of someone being successful in using the system to make as much money selling paper pads or pet food online? Any strategy which is solid can be applied to any industry. The solid SEO strategies we use have been successfully applied to industries ranging from tourism to cosmetic surgery.

Isn't there something we can learn?

So we've figured out that these people are scum, however there are some important lessons we can all learn from the way they do things.

They write compelling titles. So they write compelling headlines and we can strip apart and analyse what makes them catchy and what emotional triggers they are attacking in order to lure people in. This is one of their key tactics, so when you next get one of these emails, don't just delete it, learn from it.

They understand that people scan read pages and don't really read them fully, so they leave lots of other titles and headlines throughout the email sales letter to capture your attention. Pay careful attention to the words they use and the positions they place them in. Again look at the emotional content to see how they hook people in.

Another lesson to learn from these jokers is that they are excellent at following up with more emails. In fact it never stops. Perhaps you can think about how you can follow up on your leads better. This lesson of persistence is certainly something I've learnt from these squeeze pages.

There are lots of other lessons to learn to, so next time you get a sale letter redirecting you to a squeeze page, tweet it as a #GRQ and then see what lessons you can learn from them.

Share with me here on the comment form below, some of the lessons you've learnt from these con artists.

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