Make sure you know what you've got before you try to sell it

Make sure you know what you've got before you try to sell it

I was just thinking today how far cloud technology has come, and how quickly it is moving.

If you think you can come up with a new idea for some clever cloud based software, the moment you look online for competitors you'll already find a few trying their luck with their businesses.

It's like the wild west, lots of people are setting up cloud and/or social media style services, and they are all looking for a piece of the pie because every other week we hear of yet another new-dot-com business being bought out for millions of dollars, or getting millions of dollars of investment.

I'm in a position where we are developing something ourselves. Though each time we think about what it is, the idea shifts a little and changes and evolves. Ideas evolve, and so does information and knowledge.

Recently we've been wondering how to implement a payment solution into the system and we are trying to work a new model with a new philosophy, and that is one that does away with the idea of a company account, and just to treat every individual for themselves, and allow a sort of payment delegation solution to allow cross payments to happen.

That's probably too technical.

What I'm saying here in this post is this, if you are launching a new idea, a new business or product, try to make the best it can be and then launch if for free before you figure out how to monetize it.

Quite often you'll find that once users are in your system and using it, the system itself will change according to the users needs and then after a while you'll start to know what you actually have, at which point you can start thinking a bit more about the revenue.

After all, how do you sell something that is constantly evolving? Answers on a postcard.

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