In the autumn of 2001, whilst searching for meaning in my career life, I spent a lot of time surfing around the internet looking for new ideas and opportunities which inspire me. Eventually, I came across an article on Yahoo News that would start a snowball chain of events which culminated in the formation of my first company in 2004 called Lady Luck Media Ltd.

In Napoleon Hill's book, 'Think and Grow Rich', he stated the first step to success was DESIRE. Even though at the time I had not read this book, when I look back on how determined I was, I realise now that the desire was so strong that it fuelled my ambitions and made my dreams a reality.

Before venturing into the world of being an entrepreneur, I had previously worked for British Aerospace, FNX Ltd and Derivatech Ltd, which subsequently was acquired by Sungard. My years of employment equipped my with the tenacity and skills to brave the small business world and setup my own projects.

I began with web design for clients and attempted to create my own projects with little success. Eventually, I stumbled upon the world of Search Marketing and became a very successful affiliate in the online casino market.

The success of the affiliate marketing allowed me to begin developing new ideas, investing in external projects and refocusing Lady Luck Media to pursue that which is most fulfilling to me.

As such, from 2008, I began to change the focus of Lady Luck Media to provide business consultancy services to help other start-up businesses. I have a great wealth of knowledge to share with entrepreneurs who are just at the beginning of their journey. My focus is to help people succeed and live the life of their dreams.

In the process, I'm championing virtual working as a solution to solving the world's energy crisis. Perhaps you haven’t considered that running a virtual team is in fact doing the planet some good as well. By reducing the need for fixed costs such as lighting, office space, land area, and other over head costs, you are in fact also reducing your overall carbon footprint on the planet.

An office is where people gather together to work, yet for 50% of the time on this planet, office spaces are bare and barren, all the time taking up resources and energy. By each person making maximum use of their own environment and space you are reducing that burden on society.

I firmly believe that our society is moving towards a dispersed working solution and it is real time communications technology that is allowing this shift to occur.