Lady Luck Media

Lady Luck Media

The journey towards creating this company started way back in 2001 when I first came up with the very notion of working for myself, and since then I've been building, evolving and growing my main company Lady Luck Media.

In July 2004, after successfully setting up and running several online information portals, I decided to formally register the company called Lady Luck Media Ltd.

The company was setup as a holding company to facilitate the growth of and the formulation of new ventures.

The following years showed extreme growth in the online gambling business which in turn allowed Lady Luck Media to start developing new projects in different industry sectors including developing social media platforms, online dating programs and consulting on high level SEO projects.

In 2008, I decided to start offering services for online marketing through Lady Luck Media and created a set of web development and design services to help start-up entrepreneurs. The aim was to provide effective branding and marketing solutions to new entrepreneurs who required more than just a first step, but were prepared to invest in a more solid foundation.

It turned out that although we were helping people to get started with the companies, we had stretched our resources and in 2012 I decided to pull out of that industry sector and re-plan Lady Luck Media to develop only internal projects.

To this date Lady Luck Media is engaged in creating web platforms to help shape the future of online business and all business. A future where cloud technologies takes prime focus, where society no longer requires offices to work in.

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2016 Update, Eddie has stepped down from his role at Lady Luck Media and a new team is in place continuing the work that the company does.