It's fair to say that one of the driving forces in my life is the desire to help others in need. I believe that it is our duty as citizens of this planet, to do what we can to help our species move forward in these interesting times. Right now there are over three billion people on the planet who live on less than $2.50 a day (source: World Bank Development Indicators). This is unacceptable when the fact of the matter is, if you took all the wealth in the world and redistributed it equally, everyone would be a millionaire.

My own journey as an entrepreneur has taught me a lot about how to run a business, and the skills and lessons learned can be applied to many different situations. As such I've had the pleasure to get involved with various organisations and their causes.

These are organisations I support and a little information about them:

Action Aid

Action AidWhilst I'm not yet in a position to donate millions to charity, what I can do is support as much as possible and my other great passion is to rid the world of poverty. In this I support Action Aid for their incredible initiatives all around the world to help those in greatest need, the children of poverty.

The children of this planet are our future, and it is our moral duty to protect, nurture and educate them. Every day, 22,000 (source: UNICEF) children die due to poverty.

One of the most successful and easy to subscribe to initiatives is the Sponsor A Child effort which Action Aid run. By becoming a sponsor, you are bringing positive change to children around the world, giving hope to thousands to help them live a life worth living. I'm an active sponsor for this program, and I deeply encourage you to also do what you can to sponsor a child today.

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A cause that has been very dear to my heart has been the abuse of women and domestic violence. If you've read my book Speedlights and Elephants, you'll understand why, but suffice to say this is unacceptable behaviour in modern society.

It was a while before I came across this charity which works specifically in the UK to provide a range of services to support women and children at risk, including, refuges, cultural outreach, independent advocacy and more,

Their work is extremely important if we are to ensure that we protect our women and children from abuse, and educate people about what is right and wrong in civil society.

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