Target like a laser

Target like a laser

There's a reason why in the army, they can have such small teams of people do incredible missions and accomplish unbelievable tasks. They call it military precision and that's how you should be in your life if you want to get the things you want like love, success, achievements and fulfillment.

Things don't just happen, everything happens because you make it happen. If things don't happen the way you want them to, it's because you haven't done anything to make it come true.

In your own life, if you are like me, someone just trying to make things happen, then perhaps you need to think about this idea of military precision for a second.

In our own lives, we have small teams of people who support us, help us out in need and are there when we need them, we call them friends and family. If there's something that needs to be done, no matter what it is, you should always be able to count on your friends and family, and quite frankly if your current friends and family aren't the sort of people who you can count on, then perhaps you need to move on and find some new friends who are supportive.

I'm planning a short hit right now, to target key people in the world of publication and I've been doing my research over the last 4 hours and found that it's quite easy to discover a lot about people.

When you are planning a military strike, you make sure that every base is covered. That you don't leave things to chance.

Question is, why is it you already leave a lot of things to chance? Is it that you don't want change in your life, is it that you don't want success?

Nope, I'm guessing you leave it to chance because you are afraid. Fear is always the monster that creeps up to stop us.

Fear is always the demon that haunts our success.

Today, ask yourself this, what could you achieve if you were not afraid of anything at all?

Answers on a postcard below please!

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