My services

My Services

I spent a lot of time figuring what kind of services I'd like to provide and initially I wanted to veer towards just the technical side because that is after all most of my educational background and entrepreneurial career.

However, chatting to good friends and family really helped to show me that beyond the technical I have a real passion and skill for teaching and advising on what I know, and I've also been quite adept at building up a property portfolio as well.

As such I've decided to offer my expertise in 3 different areas to help people move forward in the direction they need.

Coaching, Mentoring and Advisory

Knowledge and expertise transferred through the process of one on one coaching or mentorship. If you need me to be even more involved, I can also act as an non-exec director.

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Digital & Cloud Services

Services relating to digital, cloud and technology. What I can do to help you make your digital marketing plans a success.

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Property Investing Services

Property services to help budding first time investors to build and develop their portfolios.

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Throughout the years working for myself and setting up businesses I've often come across fantastic companies that supply a whole range of services that are infinitely useful for every budding entrepreneur. Sometimes it's hard to tell which companies are good and bad, so to help I've collected a list below of companies that I would personally recommend for their various services.

  • 123-reg - Domain name registrations
  • Rackspace - cloud servers, hosting, files and content distribution
  • Aweber - email marketing campaigns
  • 123RF - image stock
  • Pond5 - video stock