My Mission

My Mission

It's been over 16 years since I started in business and this time has allowed me to evolve my thinking in many different ways. As a naïve entrepreneur back in 2001 I approached many business opportunities and people in ways which did not reflect a larger vision, and since then I've learnt a lot of the lessons about goal setting and one of the most important ones which I subscribe to now is having a large big picture vision in order to help you direct your life accordingly.

My mission and vision help me make better decisions, not just for myself, but also for other people.

My mission is to show people how to live a rich and fulfilled life doing what they love, and helping the planet at the same time.

The ideas which make up this mission statement fall into 3 main themes:

1. The future is officeless

Did you know that all offices are left empty over 70% of the time, whilst all the time contributing up to 20% of the carbon emissions in any given city. Obviously this is a startling fact and the way I see it being resolved is that offices are eliminated or turned into other uses where they are not empty all the time.

Flexible working practices and remote working is an ongoing trend that has been growing steadily for the last 5 years. With technology, there is no reason why people cannot work from anywhere they choose now, and break free from the shackles of corporate management who only feel comfortable if they can see their employee working.

This old industrialist age mindset is quickly being drowned out and I think the future will be one where offices do not exist in the manner they operate today.

2. Everybody can attain freedom

Also those of us living in democratic societies like to think we have freedom, ask most people on the street if they feel like they have total freedom and you won't get a truly honest answer.

The reason is that people feel married to their work lives and most people would agree that their lifestyles could be dramatically improved but they don't know how to achieve it. I can honestly say I have total freedom in my life right now and I believe that everyone should be able to attain this.

Of course this doesn't just happen overnight, it took lots of hard work and long hours, but it truly is worth it. I like to spread the ideas that anyone can attain this level of freedom, they just have to commit to achieving it, and also commit to change themselves in order to succeed.

3. Doing what you love

Fulfilment is often more than money, although financial freedom is very fulfilling in itself, often many wealthy people find themselves looking for more fulfilment because they might not necessarily be doing something they totally love. I believe that we can all become both fulfilled and financially free doing something we love, and I know ways to make that happen.

This is me, this is who I am.

The way I can help is through the services I have thought long and hard about, and I'm very happy to present them on this site. My experience lies in digital technology, property investment and business mentorship and advice.