Mindlogr started its life as DiaryMemo, and essentially it is a private video logging system that allows people to record their memories, right from their own experiences and stories.

The premise is incredibly simple, however I discovered that there wasn't a service which did this, so I decided to investigate it and see if there was scope and a market place for this.

During my research it became evident that one of the main reasons why this hasn't been created is because live webcam stream recording is quite a high bandwidth activity, and although broadband speeds has been increasing over the last few years, broadband upload speed isn't anywhere near broadband download speed.

For example if you are on a Virgin Media 20mb line, chances are you still only get around 2-3 mpbs upload speed. You can always use speedtest.net to check your upload vs download speed. Anyways, with this kind of speed now, and of course expecting more increases from now on forth, the speed is started to catch up and it is possible to have high speed high definition video recording direct through a browser.

This meant Mindlogr has a chance to succeed. So now that the technology question was answered, it was time to find out if people were interested in this. It really didn't take long to discover that online diary writing was a well covered topic, but not using video. There was clearly an opportunity.

Another factor which helped was actually to use the Star Trek world as almost a idea palette since the iPad was a device that almost came out of sci fi and in particular Star Trek, I looked at Star Trek to see if this might be similar. It was. The idea of recording either 'personal logs' or 'captains logs' is a well documented procedure in Star Trek, mostly used as a narrative, but also as a means of personal reflection.

The benefits of diarising is long know to be therapeutic and healing. It was clear that Mindlogr had a place on the internet and so development started in September 2012 with the site being launched in October 2012 a month later. Since it's launch it's had some traction and within 6 months it had secured over 2500 users, and continues to grow.

That was when I decided that the name finally needed to be changed. I had been considering it since Jan 2013. The name Mindlogr was chosen because it absolutely reflects what the site is about, and the slogan 'Express Yourself' was precisely what people were doing in the comfort of their own private places.

Take a look today: www.mindlogr.com