It really does beg the question of truthfulness

It really does beg the question of truthfulness

I think I might have seen one too many website where people are selling some sort of business or personal development course, and I'm beginning to question whether all these so called "experts", really are truthful in their claims.

The most recent one is some guy who on the face of it seems quite credible. He's been around in business for a long time, almost 60 years old and has many claims of being a top gun entrepreneur with published books and various newspaper quotes.

There are loads of testimonials and plenty of information on their website to indicate that with all taken into account, I really should believe that this dude is the real deal, however there's just something not quite right about it all. It just doesn't feel congruent, so I do a little investigation.

These days watching out for all these courses is like being a private investigator. Some of these guys hide their histories so well you would need a crack team at the FBI to uncover the real truth.

So my big question was, if this guy is a top gun entrepreneur, there must be some history behind his success and therefore if I searched hard enough, there would be news or other reported items which relate back and contain his name. After a few hours searching, I couldn't find a single story anywhere to back this person up.

BUT this person is published and is a top business guru......

The internet doesn't lie, no matter how you try to hide things, there are always remnants and clues which lead to the truth. Seeing that there were no stories to be found, there was only one conclusion to come to, that in fact this person wasn't a guru and there simply aren't any stories of real success around.

That would make sense, after all, someone who's been a top flight entrepreneur for close to 30 years would surely have great results and certainly wouldn't need to be running business workshops for a handful of people and charging less than £200 for them. He'd surely be playing a bigger game than that.

You gotta wonder, with the opportunities the internet holds, there's way to many people pretending to be someone who they are not.

The only thing I can say is that the truth has clues, if someone has truly been successful, it leaves traces everywhere. There's no need to lie, hide or bend the truth. It's as plain as day. If you're thinking of taking up some training course somewhere, do your homework first and find out everything about the teacher. The most important part is make sure you see real life historical results.

Someone who just tells you they are successful without ever proving it, are generally lying.

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