Help, I'm procrastinating! The fridge door has been opened too many times today already!

26 Mar

I'm totally confused.

I feel like I'm procrastinating today.

We've all had days when the mind simply doesn't want to work. Days when all you can think about is nothing and everything, where ideas are free flowing in and out of your head, but your mind cannot organise or make sense of it all and the only thing you end up doing is nothing.

So what's actually happening, perhaps it is your mind telling you something. Remember that your mind is an incredibly accurate measuring device that will often tell you things even though you might not be aware of them.

When you are tired, your mind and body tell you that you need sleep.

So what's my mind telling me today? Perhaps I just need to chill out and spend a few hours in the garden.

What do you think? What should I do? What are your tips for getting over procrastination?

I have one I can share, do lots of little mindless easy jobs and complete each one. Soon you'll feel like you've done a lot of things and quite often this helps to get back into flow.

Rich (not verified)

I like your tip Eddie and its what I do to, so I'm glad I'm ot the only one. I do feel as though I have done plenty then but not actually done what I was supposed too! 

I suppose at least something is getting done and it does eventually clear the way for that more purposeful thing :)