Final Day Report on the Ultimate Marketing Seminar and Moving Forward

Final Day Report on the Ultimate Marketing Seminar and Moving Forward

Ok so the last day of the seminar was yesterday and really there’s been a lot of learning and a lot of opportunities. Walking away from this I’ve setup 2 new business ventures and now I’ve got a list of over 25 action points which will all only serve to grow my existing business and create new revenue streams that I otherwise wouldn’t have been aware of.

I’d like to touch on a couple of things which really stood out for me from this event. These few pointers are things that for anyone who is even vaguely interested in living a life of their dreams, must understand at a foundation level in order to move forward.

Every speaker at this event had good positive energy. Their attitudes were all about can do, what is possible and what can be achieved when you think hard enough about it, and take some sort of action.

making a snowball

It’s really clear to me that people who say they want to do more in their life and never get started are just sitting at the top of that mountain of snow and not even bothering to make a snowball, let alone push it down the mountain and let it grow. Life is all about taking action! How can you expect what you want in life, if you don’t even make the snowball.

If you don’t know how, go and learn it. That’s another lesson I’ve learnt. No one was ever born with the knowledge they have to succeed, everyone learns it from someone, and if you want to achieve more, you have to learn more than you currently know. You take action based on the knowledge you know, so the more you know, the better the course of action. All the speakers had at some stage taken courses and all the speakers have a team of supportive people, especially containing coaches and mentors. No matter how clever you think you are, there’s always someone who knows more. Seek them out, be humble and learn from them.

Had these people not thought about what they really wanted to do, they’d never be where they are today. It was evident that mindset is most important in anything that you do in your life. I’ve found that through developing my mind to understand what life is all about, it has enabled me to fully understand people a lot more, to the extent that I can now act as an advisor as well. Hopefully to help empower friends and family to also live a life of their dreams. I know I am.

Once the mind has clarity on what you are setting out to achieve, you must then learn the tools to get you to that place. It doesn’t just happen, it doesn’t just appear one day on your doorstep. You must go and make it happen.

By being surrounded in this environment of potential and possibility, I’ve learnt a lot more than I set out to learn. It’s given me much more insight into what is possible and something did ignite for me on this final day. I saw potential and opportunity in everyone. But there were 2 people I saw it most in, and I found it a worthy investment for me, to sponsor their development and learning in the field of internet marketing and I know these 2 new ventures will grow to become great and inspiring to other people as well.

Sometimes we gotta take a chance with what we know and feel that gut instinct telling you that it’s all good and right.

“It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped.” Tony Robbins.

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