Every day is a start-up, how do you get passionate?

Every day is a start-up, how do you get passionate?

You go to sleep everything, having done the things you've done, hoping that what you've done is going to either move you forward in your life, or at least taken care of what you deem to be important.

After all, don't we all do only the things which we think are valuable to us? Quite often we do things that perhaps we question, but in reality, our actions are dictated to us by our unconscious minds telling us what it thinks is most important.

As each day comes and goes, you wonder whether you'll ever find the drive or passion to create a life you are proud of living.

A life where when you wake up each day, you are full of beans, ready to do what you need to do, in order to make your life something of your own design. Imagine what a fantastic life that would be, where every moment of your day is spent doing something you've always wanted to do, or something you know will move you that much closer to your dreams.

The problem is that a lot of us, myself included, tend to look at our big goals and tell ourselves that it's not possible and then cut the goal down by half. You know that saying about aiming for the stars versus aiming for the moon. We all aim for the moon too much when we should really be aiming for the next galaxy!

So being aware is really the first step to making better and more adventurous goals. If you can get into the habit of expanding your targets and setting bigger goals, it starts to change what you do today because you will behave differently towards that goal. It's like waking up and being a start-up company everyday because you're on the edge, looking for that opportunity to grow or move forward.

It makes life exciting, even if at first you don't get the results, you'll get some feedback and that will teach you so much more about yourself, and how to do things better.

At this stage, many people start to lose faith. They lose faith in their own capabilities and start to dampen their goals. They let fear step into the equation and that's not a problem, the problem is they let it take over. You see, fear never goes away, it's there for a reason to warn us of danger, however too many people let fear control them, when they can be controlling the fear and using it to their advantage.

It's takes practice, but once you have mastered your own fear, you can do some awesome things. First off, if you haven't ever done a skydive, I totally recommend it. Imagine yourself flying through the air, wind rushing by and the earth looking so far, but realising it is so near too. It's a liberating experience which will explode your boundaries of what you think is possible in your life.

I know many of your reading might have considered skydiving before, but never had the guts to go through with it. Why not? Life is much shorter than you think, so if it is the fear of death getting in the way, then think about this, if you're always in fear of death, perhaps you've forgotten about living.

Ultimately, you want to live well, live like a start-up everyday of your life. Live on the edge, looking for new experiences, new ideas and new opportunities and expanding your horizons on a daily basis. This is the zest and essence of life, you want to wake up one day when you are 90 and look at your life and be able to say to yourself.


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