Digital & Tech Services

Digital and Cloud Services

Digital marketing was where it all started for me. I began my entrepreneurial career in the field of marketing, affiliate marketing, advertising and all things to do with selling online.

As I honed my technical skills I also learnt a whole bunch of other new ones, and because my educational background was in the computer sciences, I found new concepts like SEO and HTML programming all to be quite straight forward to grasp.

What I learnt though was that knowing is one thing, but mastering those skills to be effective enough to make money was a completely different story. In fact it took me 3 years of solid learning to become masterful and those mastered skills became the lynch pin to my success.

Over the last 16 years I've had the chance to become an expert in these fields and most certainly the advice I have given to people has helped their websites and tech projects to overcome obstacles and grow.

These are the services I'd like to offer to help you:

Affiliate Coaching

Thinking of becoming an affiliate? I can help to coach you through the mindset and strategies needed to make this business model work for you.


Cloudify Me

Run your business without the shackles that tie you down to a physical location. Go cloud, go paperless, go tablet. Let me show you how.


SEO Coaching

SEO is a long term game and knowing which strategies and tactics to employ requires experience and expertise. I can guide the way through this minefield. Find out how.