Day 7 - Post office and dry cleaning and general test with sunglasses

Day 7 - Post office and dry cleaning and general test with sunglasses

So today was going to be another quiet day apart from having to run a few errands which would give me a chance to test out the Glass in public again, but this time I decided to test the sunglasses snap on which came with the Glass package.

After the initial fascination with the gadget over the first few days, I've had a chance to really evaluate the performance and production quality of the Glass. One thing I've realised is that although I'm sure that many different frames sizes and other adaptations will become available, right now the design doesn't really fit all faces and in fact it doesn't really sit well on mine.

Together with the sunglasses snap on, it feels like a cheap pair of shades which I might have bought at some beachside hut whilst trekking across Thailand.

Another discovery which has caused me to think more about the design, is the unbalanced weighting of the Glass. This is obviously because on one side there is a battery and camera and this disproportionate weighting leads to photos and videos which are all just slightly angled, because it doesn't sit on my face properly.

I wonder even if it did fit a face perfectly that over time the unbalanced weight would still probably cause this angle photo issue.

As you might have guessed, when wearing the sunglasses snap on the rate of curiosity from general people walking about town dropped dramatically. Probably because it becomes a lot less conspicuous. I would say it dropped by as much as 20 fold, meaning only 1 in 20 people stared at the device as I walked by.

Of course this leads to other questions, what would people's reactions be to a device designed to completely hidden from sight, looking perfectly like a pair of sunglasses, surely this would enrage your average Joe who would simply assume you have such a device for 'evil' purposes.

There's lots of interesting thought and philosophical discussion to be had around this device and in particular with the area of personal space and privacy. What are your thoughts on this?

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