A coach is different from a mentor and it's important to make this distinction because often times people will get the 2 confused.

A mentor provides experience because he's been there done that, so he has first had experience of the knowledge being passed on, whereas a coach is someone who uses knowledge to help a person come to the right results themselves.

Consider what a track athlete coach does and how often the coaches in sports are people who've not necessarily achieved great success themselves, but know and study the sports so much so that the athlete just has to follow instructions from the coach as he has learnt it all.

A business coach is much the same, although in my case I've also had business experience and success. I've had business and life coaches in the past and I've found them invaluable.

When I work with you as a coach, we'll be going through a more structured program of work in order to get you where you want to go. Coaching follows rules and techniques which are widely tested and known to work. My basis for coaching will be using NLP and I'll be helping you get through mindset block that might be holding you back.

I run a 12 month coaching course where we can chat online each month and work out what is holding you back, what you need to do to move forward, and action points to keep you focused towards your true goals.

Contact me if you want to discuss coaching arrangements with me.