Back in 2001 I came across an article which outlined the massive growth and boom of the online casino industry, and before I even knew it, I was formulating a plan towards a career in self employment.

Even though I was in debt at the time, I decided that the opportunity was a good one and having surveyed the existing market, I firmly believed that I could provide a better portal site. Casino Man was the first of many web portals which was aimed at providing useful information about all angles of online gambling.

At first it was purely a design exercise. Implementing good design and functional usability to make the surfing experience more enjoyable. Soon it became clear that in order to become a successful web portal, I had to learn the basics of Internet marketing and apply it to a working website.

It wasn't long before I was recognised in the industry as one of the top SEO engineers. That was a great achievement in itself since I started learning about SEO before Google was even born. To this date the SEO strategies and techniques we use are cutting edge and incorporate all the latest tweaks required to stay ahead in the search game.

Through the generation of new ideas and constant reworking of the designs, soon became one of the leading portals on the web covering online gambling. To this date it is still running strong having generated over $10m in revenues and is now covering the areas of online slots and online poker as well.

In 2010, 2011 and 2012 the site was nominated for the category of best casino affiliate in the IGB Awards which are the biggest industry awards evening in this sector.

In 2014 I decided that this project needed a complete overhaul as the CasinoMan brand and website had run it's course. I made the decision to break it up into 4 smaller but more focused websites as the trend has been moving away from large aggregated sites, into focused sites.